Richard Battista Massachusetts

Richard Battista Massachusetts: MBA,CPC


Richard Battista Massachusetts is a Quincy, MA based life coach and healthy living proponent.

The term “Life Coach” can sometimes raise eyebrows, with many people not knowing exactly what the profession entails.  Life Coaching is not psychoanalysis and it is not financial consulting.  Life Coaching is about positive reinforcement to help people achieve their personal life goals.  But before those goals can be achieved, they must be identified.  Life Coaches help their clients lay out a series of achievable goals and work to help them reach them a bit at a time.

Richard Battista Massachusetts is a Quincy, MA based certified Life Coach.  He strives to help his clients change unhealthy and non-productive behavior in order to overcome obstacles in their lives.  He has worked with many clients to create customized plans for self betterment.  Richard empowers his clients to take charge of their overall wellbeing by cutting down on excessive drinking, learning to incorporate more healthy options into their diets, and making exercise a regular part of their daily routines.

Richard’s philosophy is that the combination of these healthy living factors creates a larger plan for general self improvement.  He draws from his own experiences, both positive and negative, to inspire his clients to take charge of their lives.

As a veteran of the Vietnam War, Richard Battista Massachusetts also specializes in life coaching for veterans returning from Iraq and Afghanistan.  Having served in combat himself, Richard has a unique perspective which allows him to identify and empathize with returning combat veterans looking to chart a course for a healthy and positive future.

Richard Battista Massachusetts: A Culinary Life

One of the tenets of Richard Battista Massachusetts’ self betterment program is nutrition.  He was able to incorporate this aspect into his life coaching plan after a long career in the cooking industry.  He was the founder of a cooking school is Los Angeles called the Professional Culinary Institute which not only produced a student who was named “Best Young Cook in the World” but was also given the Award for Excellence in Education.  Before Richard started his own school, he was the Director of the Art Institute in Los Angeles.  While director, Richard’s location was picked as a featured site for a Food Network program.

Richard Battista Massachusetts also got the chance to share his love and knowledge of cooking with the Greater San Francisco area when he hosted a cooking related talk show on San Fran’s KNEW.  Topics ranged from recipes to trying new foods to ways to make your favorite foods healthier.  His list of celebrity guests included the Oakland Raiders’ Jack Tatum, well-known winemaker Mark Beringer, race car driver Mario Andretti, former CIA Director and Secreatry of Defense Leon Panetta and many other high profile guests and cooking experts.

Cooking has always been a passion for Richard which is why he has spent so much of his career perfecting his craft and helping his current clients incorporate a healthy diet into their lives.

Military Service and Education

Richard Battista Massachusetts attended Burdett College with a BS degree in finance, Northeastern University with a BS degree in management and social sciences and Babson College with an MBA.   Before studying at Burdett, Richard became a decorated veteran of the Vietnam War.  He fought as a combat infantryman and earned the Bronze Star, the fourth highest military decoration a member of the United States Military can receive.