10 Essential Foods to Keep You Strong and Healthy

Food is such an important part of our being. We need food for fuel, energy, nutrients, strength and much more. Without food, we cannot survive. It is important to know just what foods will keep us alive and well. Too much of the human population is consuming foods that are not good for their health, and it becomes a process to change that when individuals are used to it. We must support each other when it comes to eating healthy and staying in good shape! Here is a list of foods from healthyliving.msn.com that are imperative to have in our diets and will keep us strong and healthy.

  1. Blueberries – these help with focus and memory
  2. Grapes – grapes are an excellent anti-inflammatory and they protect our skin
  3. Barley – a great form of protein that helps minimize belly fat
  4. Black Beans – protects individuals from cancers of the colon and prostate. These beans are also a great form of fiber and help with the digestive system
  5. Flaxseeds – these help with bettering cholesterol, and preventing inflammation
  6. Hard Cheeses – these cheeses act as a great source of calcium and a probiotic that help the digestive system
  7. Broccoli – broccoli contains a ton of phytonutrients, decreasing inflammation and several types of cancers
  8. Apples – a great source of fiber that assists our digestive system in working properly and efficiently and prevents cholesterol problems and heart disease
  9. Oats – awesome form of energy and strength and helps greatly with metabolism
  10. Peanut Butter – peanut butter is something most everyone loves to indulge in. It is a good fat – which our bodies need – and also a great form of protein and energy. Peanut butter is a great food to consume after workouts!

This is only a handful of the foods that are essential to everyday life. These foods provide us with brainpower, natural energy, focus, and the nutrients we need for our bodies to function correctly. We should support each other in eating healthier and creating a better lifestyle when it comes to food!

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