6 ways to change your mindset

Here are six things you can do, right now to help you obtain the life you deserve:

1. Allow, Don’t Judge

Forget about judging your thoughts, learn to allow them. Once you allow yourself to observe your thoughts, something miraculous manifests that doesn’t already. Remember, what we resist persists. Continue to allow a constant flow of creativity and new possibilities.

2. Ask Questions

Society has been conditioned to not ask question, or not ask too many questions. What does that even mean? Asking too many questions. For some, asking questions comes off as a sign of weakness or even embarrassing, wrong or it means you are a failure. Ask questions opens up a space for you to receive new information that you never considered previously. Although the correct answer might not arrive immediately, you are still offered something that you didn’t know before. That right there is a a valuable insight.

3. Write It Down

Write Down all the secrets about you that no one knows, not even yourself. Exercise your ability to shine a light on every aspect of you. Write it down, keep those thins with you forever.

4. Visualize What You Want

Use visualization to see your worries and concerns, allow them to unfold in your mind’s eye without judgment. Thank them for showing you what is really going on.

Now ask your worries and concerns to bow out. You no longer need them. You got this!

Then play a new scene out in your mind of the success and life you desire. The subconscious mind doesn’t know the difference between real and imagined, which is why this works.

5. Use Your Energy

If you are new to this start with something small. think positively! Utilize you ability to conspire the things you want into existence by thinking positively.

Now this may seem a bit different, but you’ve probably heard the phrase, everything is energy, and that’s because it is.  Your hands, your mind, your heart. Everything is energy

Ask whatever it is you want in your life to come play with you. Look at this as a playful experiment

6. Value Yourself

No one can ever value you more than you can. Make yourself and your life a priority. Set aside designated times to do something to propel yourself forward in life and create what you deserve and desire.

Commit to five days a week until it becomes a habit.

Source: http://www.huffingtonpost.com/terry-dika-volchoff/6-ways-to-shift-your-mind-to-a-whole-new-level_b_7471936.html

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