The State of Massachusetts

The State of Massachusetts

Massachusetts holds much history. This state created the start of the American Revolution in which America gained its independence from Great Britain. Massachusetts was also one of the first states to be discovered in history as the Pilgrims founded Plymouth in 1620 and made a colony. Massachusetts got a head start to being one of the greatest states in the U.S.

The state of Massachusetts is located in the northeastern part of the U.S., surrounded by Rhode Island, Connecticut, New York, Vermont and New Hampshire. Having each of these states as a boarder has provided Massachusetts with the reward of diversity. While this state is the most populated out of any other state in the New England region, Boston happens to hold the majority of that population. The Atlantic Ocean also boarders Massachusetts, adding beauty and character to the state.

Massachusetts is filled with a variety of college towns, rural areas, and very little urban areas. In terms of Universities, Harvard University lives in Massachusetts. Harvard is the oldest higher learning university in America. It was founded in 1636 and has given Massachusetts the lasting reputation of being a leader in higher education. In addition to leading in higher education, this state also leads in health care, technology and financial services.

The Salem witch trials were another historical event that took place in Massachusetts – Salem, Massachusetts. The Salem witch trials consisted of prosecutions of individuals, mostly women, accused of performing witchcraft. Although Salem gets the name, this was happening in several towns of Massachusetts.  During these trials, almost two dozen individuals were put to death.

The Industrial Revolution made Massachusetts a manufacturing center, straying away from its original days of trading, fishing, farming and cultivation. Massachusetts has always been an extremely independent state, relying on only itself for necessities, inspiration and advancements.